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Rotterdam cityculture
– Gallery and Heritagelab

DIG IT UP in short, brings the urban culture of Rotterdam to light both in our gallery and online in our heritage lab.

The walk-in heritage lab
In the shop-window

Mission: to excavate and exhibit Rotterdam urban culture, with and for the Rotterdammer.

We have actively worked with the public to unearth image and sound material to share with the city, showcasing our unique heritage. With these hidden gems, and through exhibitions, documentaries, publications, talk shows and online platforms, DIG IT UP shows a new and different side to city history.



“Crowdsourcing’ through targeted interaction with the public, DIG IT UP looks and finds unique visual and audio material “Through people and their hidden gems at home’’.

‘’Walk-in Lab

In the workshop space of DIG IT UP, (the aforementioned heritage lab), individuals can have their old recordings preserved. Photos can be perfectly scanned, digitized and edited. Film recordings come back to life and tapes from the past are made audible again. In this way, the rediscovered and unique material is made available for the owners, but simultaneously added to the collective memory of the city.


using the expertise of, and collaboration with renowned institutions, such as the (City Archives of Rotterdam) the found images and sound materials, can be appraised of their cultural value. Collaboration with our network also means more involvement in local and national projects, meaning the hidden gems of Rotterdam culture can be shared with a wider audience.


with optimal use of the latest digital technical techniques, the collections that we unearth can be saved and given, with consent of course, to the City Archive. They can often be unique amateur recordings, which can no longer be used or played on their equipment which may be obsolete. DIG IT UP can, with the right equipment, convert these interesting files and bring them to life again and return them to the owners and share with the public. Collections found in archives of private companies, societies and institutions can also be converted.

For whom?

“Assignments ”

We also work on behalf of companies, institutions and private individuals. Think of (shop windows) exhibitions, conducting image research, looking for visual material with the help of the public, or providing content for websites and or book publications.


Through 24/7 showcase exhibitions, guided tours, talk shows and online platforms, DIG IT UP ensures that the people from Rotterdam can get acquainted with these never before seen images.